How can I book a dress?
  • Sign up as a customer to rent or buy a dress/coat.
  • Select the dress you want.
  • Book your delivery date.
  • Submit your payment.
How do I return my dress/coat?

Simple repack your dress/coat in the same satchel/bag that arrives with your item, you have to use the prepaid return shipping label that comes with it.
In the event you misplaced the label, you can also find the return address in the email of your order or, you can contact the vendor through our comment section as well.

Before you submit your payment, we’d suggest asking the vendor if your order comes with a prepaid return shipping label.

What if the dress/coat doesn’t fit?

It’s up to the vendor’s policy so, for this reason, we strongly recommend reading vendor’s return & refund policies before submitting a payment.
Every listing should have detailed measurements information to help you minimize this risk.

Where can I find vendor’s return and refund policies?

After you click on the dress you want, you’ll see a tab called “Return and Refund Policy” you will also find at the bottom of the page the “Security Deposit” policy and the “Final Sale” policy as well.

When will I get my money back if I request a refund?

Normally 2 days after vendors receive the item back.

Do I need to pay a deposit for every transaction?

Only when a Security Deposit is required by Vendor.

How can I pay for a dress/coat?

With any debit or credit card accepted by Stripe. This payment should be processed through our platform only.

How long can I keep a dress/coat?

It will depend on your return date. We strongly suggest returning the dress/coat on time to avoid late fees.

What happens if I can’t return the dress/accessory on time?

You should contact the owner of the item before late fees being applied.

What happens if I damage the dress/coat?

You may have to pay a fee but it will depend on each vendor’s policy.

Do I need to pay to ship a dress/coat back?

Most likely not, but it’s up to each vendor’s decision.

How can I avoid scams?
  • Don’t make a payment outside our platform.
  • If a vendor request to make a deal outside our platform it’s likable a scam.
  • Try to deal with vendors with good reviews OR you can request a “custom image proof
    of the item before submitting a payment, to verify they truly have the item.

Every payment you make is going to the vendor’s Stripe account, Stripe shall give your money back if you request a refund through your card issuer / bank.
In case a fraud occurs, you can always question your card issuer/bank to reverse the payment. For more information please visit Stripe dispute and Fraud section.

Please, report any suspicious behavior at support@rentmydress.com

What is a custom image proof?

It’s a special request from a customer to a vendor to upload a new/custom image on the listing as a proof they actually have the item.
For example: Please, show an image you holding the dress with your left hand.

This is necessary since any person can make screenshots of a dress or coat from any website
and post it on our platform, we strongly suggest that users request a custom image proof from vendors that have not received any review yet.