How does it work?

Our platform works exactly like any other marketplace, e.g. Airbnb or eBay, with the difference that here you will be able to sell and/or rent out your items as well.
Just go to “List your dress” tab and fill out the fields required.

Renting out.
Once your item gets booked, you’ll receive the payment confirmation plus all the booking details like shipping address, delivery date, return date, etc. This payment, less our service fees will be transferred to your bank account every two business days.

If you sell your item, you’ll receive the payment confirmation plus the shipping address. This payment, less our service fees will be transferred to your bank account every two business days.

In case you need to issue a refund to your customer, we’ll refund the amount we took from the transaction as well (if applied).

How do I list a dress/coat?
  • For first time users, go to “List your dress” tab and start filling out the fields required.
  • For returning users, Log-in to your account, go to “Products” tab, and click on “Add product“.
  • Set up your “Stripe account” (our payment gateway provider) to start accepting payments from your customers. These payments will be transferred to the bank account you linked with Stripe during the set-up. (SET-UP TUTORIAL)
    Complete the fields required under your “Account Info” tab.

Every listing should have a Return and Refund Policies.
You either can create your own policies or you can use our template to save time. These policies will be shown by default on every single listing you post so you don’t have to write it again.
You can do this under your “Shop Settings”, just sign in to your account, go to “Shop Settings” tab, and scroll down until you see our Return and Refund policy template.

If you have more questions please contact support at [email protected]

How do I get paid?

Every payment received from your customers, less our service fees ($50/rental or 10%/sale), less Stripe fess(3%), will go straight forward to the STRIPE account you set-up under the shop settings, so, in order for this money to be transferred to your bank, you’ll have to link your bank account with Stripe, it’s an easy and very safe process but we’d suggest checking this tutorial out first, then go to your “Shop Settings” to start the process.

Click here: Stripe Account Set-up Tutorial

Is Stripe safe and which other companies are using it?

Yes! Stripe is a very safe platform, but you can judge it for yourself here: https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe or by checking which other companies are using Stripe: https://stripe.com/us/customers
Amazon, Facebook, Shopify, Pinterest, etc.

How much does it cost to list an item?

Listing an item is free, but we will charge a 10% service fee every time you sell and/or a $50 flat fee every time you rent out.
These service fees will be refunded only if you have to issue a full refund to the customer.

What photos should I upload for best results?

The following photos are recommended:

  • Photos of you wearing the dress/coat.
  • Full-length photo of the front and back of the dress/coat.
  • Photos that show specific detail on the dress/coat.
  • Clean, well-lit photos.

The following photos are not recommended/unacceptable:

  • Photos with multiple people in it.
  • Photos of your dress/coat on a hanger, floor, rack, bed, etc.
  • Photos of the same dress/coat but in a different color.
  • Photos of a similar style but not the original dress/coat
  • Upload photos from a web page.
  • Pornographic or any other inappropriate photos/content are not allowed. Will be banned!
What photo should I upload first?

This is the most important photo of your listing! Therefore, we’d suggest uploading the most eye-catching photo you may have as a “featured image” first. Your other images will be posted on the product gallery image page (right next to the “featured image”).

Please note that every image has to be uploaded one by one and not in bulk.

Can I upload images from celebrities or models?

No, you can’t! Unless you’re the celebrity or the model, this is strictly prohibited.
You must use your own photos.

How can I upload an image from my phone to the website?

Follow these 2 steps:

  1. Send the photo from your phone to your email, then download the file from your email to your pc or laptop. Don’t forget to rename the photo file for an easy find!
  2. From your owner’s dashboard:
    • Log-in to your account
    • Click on “ Products ” tab.
    • Click on “ Add product ” and scroll down until “Product Images” section.
    • Click on “Add photo” button within the square to start uploading.
    • Select the photo you previously downloaded.
    • Click “Open” button.

You can also use this method to send your photos to your PC.

We are about to start developing our mobile app, so you will be able to create your listings easier and faster than ever!

How do I get bookings for my dresses?

Customers will book your dress/coat directly on our platform. You will receive an email notification that your item have been booked and paid, you can see the payment within your Stripe account, then you’ll have to ship the item out according to the booking details.

How does the availability calendar work?

A customer will be able to select a delivery date minimum 4 days forward from today’s date, and a maximum of 15 days from today’s date. The main reason for the 4 days is to give some room for handling and shipping so the item can arrive on time, the 15 days max is because, if a customer selects a delivery date too far from today’s date, the listing status will change from “active” to “inactive” so nobody else will be able to book the item sooner.

Can I use/register another payment method different than STRIPE?

Unfortunately, not at this moment.

Who’s going to pay for shipping and return shipping?

You (the owner) will have the option to charge a flat fee or offer a free-shipping service. As for return shipping, you (the owner) should do it.

At what price should I rent out my dress?

We’d suggest taking into account the retail value, item’s condition, popularity, and competition, but normally you shouldn’t rent it out more than 1/3 of the buy it now price.
i.e., A $900 dress could be rented out for $300.
Finally, make sure you are going to make a profit by subtracting the average cost per rent of your rental price.
Average cost per rent = Dry cleaning + shipping & handling + RentmyDress fees ($50) +merchant fees( 3%)

Note.- The minimum rental price accepted is now $150.

Who is responsible for dry-cleaning?

We strongly suggest the owner of the dress/coat takes care of the cleaning process for these 3 reasons:

  • The owner can speed things up.
  • Have quality control over the cleaning process.
  • Customers may return the item late if they do it.
What happens if my dress gets damaged?

We encourage every owner to request a Security Deposit from customers before shipping the item out or get insurance for their merchandise.
Request a Security Deposit is optional and you can do this through our platform.

How much to ask for a Security Deposit?

At this moment it should be assigned manually. We’d suggest using this approach:
Security deposit = buy price – rental price or market value – rental price

Buy price.- If you don’t have a buy it now price you should use the Fair Market Value (FMV) of your item instead.
You can often get the FMV by looking at similar items for sale on eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, local stores, etc.
Rental price.- Since you may have 3 different rental prices according to the rental periods (4, 8,
15 days)
You should use the rental price you assigned to the shorter day rental.
Let your customers know that the Security Deposit amount may vary depending on the rental days they select.
For example, You are renting out a wedding dress for $300(4 days), $450(8 days), $600(15 days), and your buy price is $900

Security Deposit = $900 – $300 = $600 (if your customer selects 4 days).
If the customer select 8 days the SD = $450
If the customer select 15 days the SD = $300

Can I rent out accessories too?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Coming soon!

Can I contact the customer directly?

Only through our ‘Contact’ section located on the product page.

What type of dresses can I promote?

Wedding, party, cocktail, prom, night dresses and coats.

Can I sell my dresses/coats?

Yes, you can. It is optional to sell your items on our platform.

Can I promote my other businesses on RMD?

Unfortunately, no you can’t at this moment. Right now it’s against our policies.

I only want to sell my items, is it possible?

Yes, it is now.

I don’t want to sell my dress/coat, Why to put a buy it now price then?

Selling an item is optional, you don’t have to put a buy it now price on your listings if you don’t want to.

What if a customer requests a refund?

Owners should give a refund to the customer only if the customer meets the owner’s refund and returns policies.

How can I issue a refund?
  • Log into your Stripe account.
  • Find the charge to be refunded in the payments overview page.
  • Click the … icon to the right of the charge and select Refund payment from the menu…
  • By default, you will issue a full refund…
  • Select a reason for the refund…
  • Click Refund.
I don’t have a professional return and refund policy. What can I do?

You can use our predefined refund and return policies, and tailor it to your needs. This will save you a lot of time and money.
You either can use our template located under the shop settings tab or you can create your own policies there too.

How many dresses/coats can I promote?

As many as you want.

How can I properly package a dress for shipping?

There are several tutorials on YouTube that are of great help. Our own tutorials will be located on our BLOG section (coming soon)

How can I avoid scams?
  • Don’t ship your item out to a different billing address of the debit/credit card used on the transaction, unless you know the customer.
  • Don’t ship the item out on the same day you received the payment, wait at least 24 hours unless you know the customer.
  • Request a security deposit or get an insurance for your items.
  • Always request a signature when the item is delivered. (Ask your postal service provider).
  • Don’t refund any money until you get your item back.
Why a customer may request a custom image proof from owners?

This is necessary since any person(dresses’ owners) can make a screenshot of a dress or coat from any website and post it on our platform, we strongly suggest that users request a custom image proof from owners that have not received any review yet.

Are all sales final?

Yes, they are. Every sell should be treated as final so the customers can request a refund only if:

  • Item isn’t as described.
  • Item didn’t arrive.
What happens if my country is not supported by Stripe?

If your country is not supported by our merchant gateway provider (Stripe), you will be able only to post items for sale and not for rent.

So, how do I get paid if I don’t have Stripe?
Once your item sells, you will have to ship out the item to your customer first, then, we are gonna release your payment after 24 hours from the delivery date, only IF we have not received any complaint from the customer before that time.
We are gonna transfer the money to the Paypal account you’ll provide us by email after we request it.
If something is wrong with the item you sent, then, the customer will have to notify us before 24 hours from the delivery date specifying the issue, only then, we can give a full refund (if applied) to the customer, after 24 hours from receiving your item back.

Remember that Paypal will charge you approximately 3% per deposit received.

Countries that are currently supported by Stripe: