Our Story


My wife left her job and decided to stay at home to look after the kids. Soon, she found herself being unproductive and thought of starting an online business. We kept on
discussing different ideas but nothing got us excited enough…

One night, she was standing in front of her closet staring at her dresses and I asked her what she was doing, she replied that she had nothing new to wear for the upcoming party and I was like, come on…, with all those gowns hanging in there?! I told her that if she was not going to wear them again, then she should sell them. She thought that it was a much better deal to rent them out, I said hmm… that’s a great idea!
We searched for websites where we could list the dresses and put them up for rental, but there weren’t any options out there offering such service. That’s how RentmyDress was born.



Yumi & Miguel